The International Congress will be held in Córdoba at the facilities of the University of Córdoba.


This Congress aims to provide the project with an international dimension that we understand is necessary.

This multiplier event will last two days in morning and afternoon sessions. In them, different high-level speakers will expose the new trends in education and its digital transition not only in scientific research but also in teaching practice. Our own experts from the association will show the results of the report CHALLENGES AND PROPOSALS IN DIGITAL EDUCATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY and its link with the interactive e-book «CHECK&ACT».

We count on the participation and dissemination of the results of very important non-formal partners that endow this initiative with a high value and a guaranteed impact on a large scale.

On the one hand, the National Association of Tutor Agents, agents especially dedicated to collaboration with the educational world and professionals in the social field focused on conflict resolution in the school environment. This will allow us to include in the Congress new and specific ways to address issues related to the digital divide in a very practical and realistic way: digital absenteeism, neglect of families in the digital sphere, relationship with local and regional Social Services, legislation and protocols of acting etc.

Prestigious teachers from the UNIR in their Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Digital Competences will offer us the fundamental lines of study and debate. Conecta 13 will specifically provide us with the experience of the participation of Dr. Fernando Trujillo, professor at the University of Granada, prestigious expert in digital transition and collaborator with the EU and various national and international organizations on educational issues.


– Teachers of the Infant, Primary and Secondary stages
– Baccalaureate Teachers and Vocational Training Cycles
– Management teams and managers of educational centers of formal and non-formal education
– University students of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Education Sciences
– University teaching staff of the faculties of Education Sciences
– Public and private institutions related to education and local, regional and national Teacher Training Centers
– Educational authorities: inspectors, members of work teams specialized in digital education, responsible for local, regional and national university education
– Social and political authorities: members of city councils, councils and other institutions with responsibilities and interests in the educational field.
If possible, members of the Ministry of Education, Embassies and other institutions with responsibilities and interests in the educational field and with an emphasis on the European character.
– Local, regional and national Associations of Fathers and Mothers


This multiplier event has several objectives:
– Present the interactive e-book CHECK&ACT to the educational community to spread its use among teachers, management teams and interested educational authorities
– Present the «GAP RADAR» application to the educational and social community with the aim of implementing this tool in educational centers, in connection with the institutions of socio-educational care for students with needs due to the risk of digital divide
– Promote constructive debate around the issue of the educational digital transition and the digital divide in all levels of the educational community, incorporating social entities, families and future teachers.
With these objectives, we intend not only to disseminate the aforementioned intellectual products, but what this project pursues is to create contact networks at the local, regional, national, and transnational levels so that they can extend their use to all educational sectors and institutions. that they wish.
It is very important for this project the continuity of the lines of research initiated and an important extension of the use of our intellectual products. One of the most relevant indicators in our quality system is that they are used in educational centers and in the institutions to which the project is intended.
The congress will offer the possibility of virtual participation that allows assistance and communication of research results and proposals to interested parties whose physical presence is not possible.
UNIR, UCO, CREATIV and Conecta 13 are organizations whose media potential ensures the project dissemination and impact at all levels and professional fields considered in this educational field and in society.
The results of the congress will be published in an open digital format that will be used for all publications of the project.