Check & Act

The E-BOOK «Check&Act», is a fundamental tool for educational centers that are in a process of digital transition in their educational system. Based on a deep and detailed analysis of the current situation of educational centers, work is being done on the development of a highly useful intellectual product based on 4 dimensions: Self-knowledge, Methodology, Coordination and Leadership and Evaluation.

The target groups of this intellectual product are clearly identified and the product developed will be focused on a personalized response from:

o Management Teams: the management teams will be able to self-assess their centers and establish improvement processes in a standardized way.

o Teachers: Teachers will be able to learn about their strengths and weaknesses in teaching in digital environments.

o Educational orientation teams: The orientation teams will be able to establish collaborative and proven lines of work, with accurate data and suggestions for good practices.

From the information obtained, the results acquired by the profiles described above will allow the socio-educational authorities to be able to take measures according to the needs observed.

The dimensions described above are being defined in a guide, as a theoretical and methodological framework, which puts the reader in a situation of the general characteristics of digital competence in the field of education. Additionally, the user of the product will access a questionnaire, personalized based on the profile to which they belong, in which they will answer questions related to each of the dimensions studied. The questionnaire consists of 25 items for each of the dimensions and they vary depending on the profile:

– management teams,

– teachers 

– educational guidance teams.

Finally, users will receive an overall assessment of their results. Additionally, users will be able to have recommendations on how to improve those aspects where a greater deficiency is visualized from the use of the rest of the project products. These four dimensions are linked to the rest of the project’s products:

o Self-knowledge with the own E-book “Check&Act”;

o Methodology with Mobile Learning;

o Coordination and Leadership with Gap Radar and

o Evaluation with e-Testing and Test Generator.


So far, the working group formed by the project partners has carried out:

o The initial definition of the Product (July-September 21): First approximation to the design of the product: initial definition of the specifications and characteristics of the product. Analyze the concept of competence for each of the profiles.

o The Analysis of the Pedagogical Model (September-March ’21-22): The collection of relevant information on the circumstances that compromise the digitization of educational centers and the use made by users of technologies, in order to determine the level digital competence for each of the defined profiles.

Currently, and complying with the deadlines established in the development of the product, the partners are in the development phase of the theoretical and methodological framework of the E-book «Check&Act», as well as the questionnaire that accompanies it. Likewise, work is being done on the design of the product as a versatile and attractive tool for users.

As tasks to develop would be:

o Form design (April-May’22). Implementation of the questionnaire/form that will be used to assess the digital capabilities of users. It will return a semi personalized feedback, depending on the user profile and the answers given. In this way, it will be possible to return to each of the user profiles the image of their situation at all times.

o Design and Implementation of the Technical Platform (May ’22) Creation of the technical tool that will support the contents and forms. Loading of contents and elaborated forms.

o Pilot Test (July ’22) Functionality and operability test of the final product among the network of partners. Compilation of feedback from testers

o Implementation of improvements (July-August ’22) Based on the feedback received from the items in the forms, making improvements to the product.

o Launch, Distribution and Evaluation (September 22) Implementation and distribution of the developed product. Collection of information for evaluation.